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Pierre Grimes

The Academy for Philosophical Midwifery
1011 Brioso Dr. #109
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 722-2206 FAX (949) 722-2204

Ph.D., Comparative Philosophy, University of Pacific, Stockton, CA 1961
M.A., Comparative Philosophy, University of Pacific, Stockton, CA 1958
B.A., Philosophy, San Francisco State College, San Francisco, CA 1954

Positions Currently Held:
Professor of Philosophy, Golden West College - 1964 to present
President, the Noetic Society, Inc. (for the study of dialogue and dialectic) 1976 - present
Director, Academy for Philosophical Midwifery (for the practice and teaching of Philosophical Midwifery) 1983 to present. (weekly classes in Philosophical Midwifery & Dreams)
Board of Directors, ASPCP, National Advisory Board, APPA
Professor of Classical Philosophy for the Holmes Institute Graduate School of Consciousness Studies, 1998, 1999
Workshops at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, each year since 1991 (scheduled 7/23-28, 2000)
Demonstrations/Classical Philosophy weekly at the Philosophical Research Society, 1995 to 1999. (115 video tapes available)

“Alcibiades: A dialogue utilizing the dialectic as a mode of psychotherapy for alcoholism.” Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcoholism, Vol. 22, pp 277-297, 1961, Yale University.
“Vin odorous: A dialogue exploring a frame of reference for dialectic as a mode of psychotherapy in the treatment of alcoholism.” Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcoholism, Vol. 27, pp 693-716, 1966, Rutgers University.
“A Validation of Grimes Dialectic as a Mode of Rational Psychotherapy,” with Dr. R.L. Uliana, paper presented at the 94th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C. Aug., 1986.
A Computer program, “To Artemis: The challenge to know thyself” (1989) - Macintosh computer program designed to guide users through over 400 thoughtfully structured questions to assist them in gaining insights into themselves.
Several dialogues and papers published in The Hellenic Chariot journal.
“The Art of Delivering Oneself of False Beliefs”, New Perspectives, 1994 (2 part paper)
Is It All Relative? (1st edition 1989, Dionysius Publications). A play that utilizes the most common objections and defenses against speculating on things philosophical. 6th edition, 1995, Hyparxis Press.
Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems with its Validation, includes a Psychological Validation by Regina L. Uliana, Ph.D., Hyparxis Press, Costa Mesa, CA. 1998.
The Way of the Logos currently being published by Hyparxis Press.
115 video tapes from weekly lectures at the Philosophical Research Society (1995-1999).
Audio tape collection spanning 30 years.
Pamphlets on Philosophical Midwifery and Dream analysis are available which outline the method of Philosophical Midwifery (available through OMA free of charge - “Philosophical Midwifery: An Adaptation of Socratic Midwifery” and Philosophical Midwifery: The Art of Delivering Oneself of False Beliefs.”).


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