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Jorge Humberto Dias

Jorge Humberto Dias is the Director of the PROJECT@ Office – Philosophical Consulting Services (Portugal), since 2008. Before, he was the President and Co-founder of the first philosophical counseling association in Portugal – APAEF (Portuguese Ethical and Philosophical Counseling Association) – from 2004 till 2008. In his mandate, Jorge Dias organized 4 international congresses, with different specialists, like Lou Marinoff (USA), José Barrientos, Rayda Guzman, Gabriel Arnaiz and Felix Garcia Moriyón (Spain) and Oscar Brenifier (France); 6 professional courses, with José Barrientos and Barrera Rodriguez (Spain) and Hernan Bueno Castañeda (Colombia).
Jorge Dias was the author of some books, articles and conferences about happiness and philosophical counseling in Portugal, Spain, Italy and United States of America. The best resume of his ideas it’s in the book Felicidad o Conocimiento? La Filosofia Aplicada como la Busqueda de la Felicidad y del Conocimiento, published by Doss Ediciones, on 2009 and written with José Barrientos. His method was presented in some publications and in the IX International Conference on Philosophical Practice (2008), organized by Officina Filosofica – Associazione Culturale per le Pratiche Filosofiche in Carloforte (Italy). The title of the conference was: The six levels of PROJECT@ - a Methodological Approach to Philosophical Counselling.
On 2011, Jorge Dias has written the Foreword of the Gene Crowley, Jr. book Upside Down World – The Loss of the Sacred Cosmos.
Jorge Dias has created the first Research Group on Portuguese academy about Philosophical Counseling in Catholic University of Portugal. The principal aim is to test and evaluate philosophical counseling methods. Jorge Dias has collaborated with the Research Group about Applied Philosophy in the University of Seville (Spain).
In this moment, Jorge Dias is member of: Society for Applied Philosophy, in the University of Aberdeen (Scotland); International Journal of Applied Philosophy (USA); American Philosophical Practitioners Association (USA), Journal of Happiness Studies (Netherlands), Scientific Committee of Haser – International Review on Applied Philosophy (Spain), etc.
Jorge Dias in giving courses to high school teachers.
Research interests: Happiness, Philosophical Counseling methods and competencies, Applied Ethics, the Philosophy of Julián Marías.

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